Choosing Your Wedding Look To Suit Your Face Shape

You know you choose the right wedding dress for your body type, but that is just the beginning for developing your bombshell look on your big day. Accessories, veils, and necklines can also make or break your look, depending on the shape of your face. This guide should help direct you to the most flattering styles for the shape of your face.

First, know what shape you're working with.

There are many types of face shapes, but each shape falls into two basic types: curved or angular. Curved face shapes include

  • round. Round faces have a naturally circular appearance. 
  • oval. These faces are similar to round faces, except they appear longer, with a more defined chin.
  • oblong. Similar to an oval, oblong faces will be narrower through the forehead and gently curve wider longer than an oval-shaped face.
  • heart-shaped. Heart shaped faces are often the coveted face shape, with a wider forehead and eye area and a gentle curve to a narrow chin. 

Angular face shapes include

  • diamond. Prominent cheekbones and a small chin and forehead result in this face shape.
  • square. Square faces are heavier through the jaw and have wider foreheads.
  • rectangle. A longer version of the square face, often with a narrower nose and more visible cheek structure. 
  • triangle. The triangular face is similar to heart-shape, but with fewer curves-- the wide forehead descends to a narrow chin.

Once you know your basic face shape, you can start planning the best wedding look for you.

Choose the right jewelry.

Fortunately, choosing jewelry is easy for face shapes. Earrings work to counteract the shape of your face. So, if you have a long face, like an oval or rectangle, it's best to choose a shorter earring, like a large stud or hoop, to bring some roundness. Conversely, a round face does better with drop-style earrings, to add length. For heart shaped and triangle faces, earrings that are pear-shaped are best, as they are a complementary shape. 

Necklaces, on the other hand, need to cooperate with both the face shape and the neckline of your dress. So, try to choose necklaces that finish what the earrings started. For instance, round faces should only wear necklaces that add length to the look-- these will often drop past the neckline of the gown, which may not look as nice on a square-necked dress. Scoop necks, therefore, would be ideal. On the other hand, someone with an oval face does need to worry about length, so a bold statement necklace that draws the eyes up to the face and clavicle area would suit the bride better, provided that the dress can support ornate jewelry. 

Finish with a veil.

The veil can be the crowning accessory that completes your wedding look. The veil will bring angles if your face is naturally curved, or add softness if you have an angular face shape. A square or rectangular face does well with frothy veils that have scalloped or minimized edges, like those found with lace. A voluminous veil, however, will be detrimental to those who have round faces; something that falls straight and light will be so much more flattering. Veils that fall in front of the face are often not the best choice for those with narrow chins (diamond, heart, or triangle faces), as these often add bulk to the top of the head, which is already wide. Instead, opt for veils that clip behind, like those that are tucked under your up-do. Those with oval faces can be grateful-- the even distribution of features without harsh angles make nearly all veils suitable. 

Creating your wedding look goes beyond choosing the right dress. Talk to a local bridal shop about choosing the right accessories for your wedding day. You can also try visiting a site like to get more information.